Blackout curtains

Black-out curtains are fabrics that are used for dimming or blocking the daylight. In hotels and apartments they are required as additional curtains. They can be additionally processed for non-combustibility. In public buildings they are becoming obligatory, but they are increasingly used in private buildings as well. The reason is simple, in case of fire, the fabrics that are processed for non-combustibility are actually self-extinguishing, which means that they only smolder without flames. As in other parts of our business, we follow the trends diligently applying the innovations from the world's leading trade fairs, whether they refer to new designs or quality. We offer a wide range of curtains, decor and fabrics that meet the high demands of non-combustibility. You can order any quantity, just enough to decorate one apartment or more. We are especially proud of our project of decorating 140 apartments in Punta Skala near Zadar (find out more about that at