Panel curtains

Curtains are mostly selected at the end of interior decoration. Their purpose is to provide the finishing touches, complement and complete the designed space and highlight the personality of the owner.

Panel curtains are both very stylish and practical. Their function can be altered during the day simply by moving them: the lightweight components are used only for protection from views during the day and they let in a lot of light, whereas the dense decor will protect you against the sunlight and keep the undesirable gazes away from your home at night. For all those who would like to make their homes “warmer” by decorating it with curtains and are willing to try something new and less traditional, panel curtains are the right choice.

In addition to their aesthetic and functional roles, they are extremely easy to maintain. Most of our curtain fabric is machine-washable. Besides that, panel curtains allow you to wash their parts separately so you won’t need to leave the space bare when you take them off. Or you can always have a spare piece. That way you can always mix pieces of different colors or patterns but matching them, of course, with the predominant theme of your space. You can also adjust them to the season (they can be either thicker or lighter) or, for example, to the upcoming holidays. Just change a couple of strips on the panel, match them with the tablecloth and chair covers and you’ve got yourselves a newly designed interior!

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